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Around The World Blog Hop

I was tagged for this hop by Tiinatei .The idea is that you answer a few questions about your creative work and processes, then you pass the paton on to three people.

What am I working on?
Right now I'm working on two projects. First one is a quilt I saw in Special Lenas patchwork magazine. I have quite many blue fabrics, so I wanted to use them. Now it's "almost" done, only background is missing.

Second project is a watercolor work. I use 5x5cm pieces. This will be a pillow. I have made so many big quilts, so it's time for something smaller. Maybe I change some pieces...

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
If my style differs from others I don't see it. I like traditional and modern works. I also use all colors.

Why do I create what I do?
It's just so much fun. I sew when I'm happy but also when I'm sad, then sewing is good therapy. Self-made gift is the best that you can give and get.

How does my creative process work?
It's very random. Usually I find interesting pattern. Sometimes I find inspiring fabrics. Lately I have found a lot of good ideas from internet especially from Pinterest.
I also attend to many courses, where I learn new techniques.

I am supposed to link this challenge to three more bloggers to keep it going. I couldn't find more than one.  If you would like to join in, please feel free to start your Around The World Blog post. Next monday you will meet Soile from Töölön tilkkupaja in her nice blog!

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  1. Onpa kivat työt!
    Taas sulla on kiva malli, jota voisi itsekin kokeilla. Tuo sininen on mulle uusi. Saumat on niin kohdillaan, napsahdus on varmasti kuulunut ommellessa.

  2. Ihana sininen tilkkutyö!

    Kiitos haasteesta!


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